Civil Engineering

We cater for infrastructure

Our “Civil Engineering” department offers a wide-spread  choice of services. It spans waterway engineering and research, road construction, foundation engineering and ground engineering as well as surveying work. We are specialized on mining excavation procedures as well as on planning permission hearings and flood protection.

“Our team provides with supervision for public institutions as there are city governments and communities. Nevertheless we care for private building contractors, for example business or industrial enterprises.

We cultivate close cooperation with our clients and we give support to all projects. We are there right from the first step of planning until the day of completion. We also provide with high-quality tendering in terms of urban development contracts.

As competent engineers we place a strong emphasis on  finding perfect solutions for our projects. At the same time we keep a very close eye on economic efficiency. To do so we draw on expert knowledge as well as on creativity. I attach great importance to encourage our team to think outside the box in order to develop unconventional solutions.”

Michael Lorse M.Eng.
Head of department civil engineering