Architecture and structural engineering

We are comitted to realizing your visions

Our company´s department “Architecture and Structural Engineering” generates technically sophisticated buildings with high functionality, cost-efficiency, ultra modern and even gifted with a sense of beauty – no matter you take aim at a new building, reconstruction, building alteration or renovation.

As we utilize modern software in visualizing, we are able to offer three-dimensional planning results to our clients at an early stage, so that we can submit an easily understandable proposal.  Thus we are able to put ideas in concrete terms and our clients take part in planning from the beginning.

We are working  interactively and multidisciplinary. We involve experts with high competence and special knowledge, as there are architects, structural engineers and building experts. We plan far-seeing in order to minimize costs. Together with tentative drafts we  present  trustworthy and realistic calculations of costs, in order to assure perfect planning security to our customers.

Our highly specialized engineers will watch over tendering processes and will closely monitor construction works. Thus we assure for keeping conditions as for budget and target dates. Furthermore we ensure for construction quality as well as for security at the construction site.

In the phase of building we consider ourselves mediators between our clients and the public authorities as well as to the building contractors. We coordinate shared interests of all participants and we are fully committed to the concerns of our clients. All our colleagues in the team benefit from being specialists, not only as architects and engineers, but also from being qualified as health professionals and  even as security guards.

We put ourselves out to ensure for every project running smoothly – as we know that only customers feeling fully content with our services will recommend  our company as a consulting service provider.

Maximilian Hendus M.Sc., Dominic Aigner B.Eng.
Head of department architecture and structural engineering