City planning and urban development

We conduct negotiations for your building projects

Our company´s department “City Planning” aims at further development of settlements, town centres, districts, villages and other public sites. Its activity would involve, on the one hand the development of large-scaled areas, specified for example in pre land-use planning and on the other hand binding development planning.

“Activities of our team have much to do with cross-linking, mediation and diplomatic communication. Habitually we pave the way for building development requiring building permission for structural engineering as well as for civil engineering projects and open space areas.

Our tasks to be performed are regulated by “land-use planning” as the sovereign assignment within the Federal Building Code (Bundesbaugesetz.) In this document the rules for planning are defined and laid down. Private and public interests must be appropriately taken into consideration. That is why we continuously keep in touch with the public  authorities,  administrations, citizens and associations concerned – here it´s our job to play the part of a mediator.

This concept can only work out by team-working with competent experts who bring along wide experiences from their fields of expertise and planning know-how. Beyond that we work on the principles of reliability and tenacious struggle whilst attaining our ends by diplomacy.”

Dipl.-Geogr. Rochus Mey
Head of department urban development