About us

The architectural firm was founded by Karl Wilhelm Becker in 1955, an architect by profession and passion. Increasing demands on engineering services and performances led to the creation of a new company in 1960, the “planning and development association Becker” (short: PE). Since, both teams worked together on major projects covering all fields of architecture and civil engineering:

» Land use and building regulations
» Municipality development
» Tourism development
» City redevolopment
» Planning of building constructions
» and civil engineering

Because of increasing requirements for higher environmental standards in connection with contemporary style of buildings, a new department was founded in 1991, “Ecological landscape planning (Umweltplanung)“ and it was integrated into the PE group. This department worked on environmental aspects within municipality and industrial developments.

In the year 2006 we added a new service, offering consultation by experts in the fields of technical building management (TGM), as well as sound and heat protection. The same year, the architectural office was integrated into the PE group, and 2 years later reorganized and renamed to “PE Becker GmbH – architects + engineers” (short PE).

PE is a full service provider, structured into 4 departments covering multiple disciplines and each team built around well trained and experienced architects, landscape architects, civil engineers and geographers. The 4 departments are:

» Architecture/Structural engineering
» Civil engineering
» Urban development
» Ecological landscape planning

Our core competence is our teams working together closely and efficiently practicing cutting across disciplines finally leading to cost-effective solutions for our clients. We deliver and guarantee modern, environmental friendly, organized and practical services covering “all aspects of planning and building”.To accomplish innovative solutions, we continuously train our skilled workers and apply cutting edge working methodologies.Besides close cooperation with our clients to meeting customer demands in planning services, PE develops and utilizes newest digital technologies, like photo real 3 D animations, for visualisations and optimization of the entire planning process.Please contact us for a  free initial consultation. The PE team will help you with your planning and building needs. We are motivated and competent in finding cost-effective solutions to our clients’ benefit..